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'Fanta Suites'에 해당하는 글(15)
2010.04.05   Caesar’s Court
2010.04.05   Jungle Safari
2010.04.05   Arabian Nights
2010.04.05   Casino Royal
2010.04.05   The Castle
2010.04.05   Northern Lights
2010.04.05   Cupids Corner
2010.04.05   The Rainforest
2010.04.05   The Caribbean
2010.04.03   Under the Sea
2010.04.03   Space Odyssey
2010.04.03   Wild Wild West
2010.04.03   The Cave
2010.04.03   Sherwood Forest
2010.03.26   Pink Cadillac

Caesar’s Court
The secluded bedchamber contains a king-sized bed,
and is surround by marble columns, and the marble whirlpool is
surround by flowers and mirrors.

Jungle Safari

A king size bed surrounded in a jungle theme.
A whirl pool tub in a quite stone cove offers a place
 to relax and forget your everyday hassles of the outside world.

Arabian Nights

This desert getaway features a ten-sided blue velvet bed inside
 a sheik’s tent, an overhead mirror with stars that actually light up,
 a whirlpool surround by mirrors.

Casino Royal

This suite is done in red and black décor.
The king-sized bed is equipped with an overhead mirror.
The whirlpool is set in slate and surround by mirrors.

The Castle
Whirlpool fit for Kings and Queens.
King sized bed tucked in its own bed chamber.
Sleep like a King in your very own castle.

Northern Lights
This is suite features a ten-sided waterbed inside an igloo built for two.
The wall mural shows penguins and walruses frolicking on the distant glaciers. The oversized whirlpool fills up via a waterfall the ceiling.

Cupids Corner
A marble whirlpool with wall mirror
complement the heart-shaped waterbed.
Spend a night under cupids spell.

The Rainforest
A small rock cove offers the whirlpool with the water
 cascading down the rock face. Spend a night in the rainforest.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean features your own private cabana.
A King sized bed and whirlpool are fashioned
out of vines and flowers

Under the Sea

A whirlpool and queen sized bed
snuggled into a row boat are featured.

Space Odyssey
The ten-sided waterbed is set inside a recreation of a Gemini space capsule.
This suite is surrounded by a 360 degree wall mural of the galaxy.

Wild Wild West

Take a trip back to the old western town and
sleep in a covered wagon.

The Cave

The Cave features a tunnel entrance
to a granite walled cavern with whirlpool and
shower in a small stone walled cavern.

Sherwood Forest
Visit Robin Hood and Maid Marian’s tree-house!
This suite features a queen sized bed in the branches of a tree,
and oversized whirlpool with a waterfall, and forest décor.

Pink Cadillac

This suite features a convertible 1959 Cadillac bed ,
 as well as a king-sized bed, a whirlpool surrounded by mirrors.
A glass-encased shower with two showerheads.

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